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On War

Installation 2022

With the onset of the coronavirus, the city’s spaces closed, forcing its dwellers indoors, while the government invaded private spaces – giving Jewish Israelis a taste of strategies routinely employed by the state against Palestinians.

This inspired the first part of this project, featuring processed excerpts from Carl von Clausewitz’s “On War”, regarded as the bible of modern military strategy.

In an attempt to restore a sense of home during the pandemic, the fields became a refuge from the city, leading to the second part: a series of photographs documenting a botanical epidemic ravaging the sabra cactus.

While in the Zionist context, this non-native prickly plant is a glorified nickname for Israeli-born Jews, it had mostly been planted by Palestinian villagers before the 1948 war. The epidemic now threatening it renders it an ambivalent symbol of the local space.

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