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Hey, I'm Noga.

The installation works I create deal with the deconstruction and reassembly of personal and political narratives present in the public space; transitional and liminal spaces, abandoned and playful ones, which carry the history of the events they once witnessed.


My creative processes emerge from specific sites, buildings or spaces, whose creation, existence or abandonment intrigue me. Researching these spaces’ planning, construction and use, reveals new parts of a greater story, shedding light on political questions and dilemmas.


In ‘Well,’ an installation work based on the space of an underground Tel Aviv passageway, combing through official documentation led me to the story of a well located under the structure, which had been omitted from its blueprint. Archive material revealed an unusual relationship between the building’s Jewish architect, from Tel Aviv, and a Palestinian orange merchant, from Jaffa, at the time of the British Mandate.


Their relationship, which accompanies the work as fragments of a possible historical novel, is infused with political tension; the abandoned building, covering the well that existed there before it, is a testament of that tension.


I use historical research to shed light on socio-political mechanisms, enabling the breaking down of narratives and creating space for a new story. Fragments of the findings I come across in my research are often integrated into the final work as written text, weaving these stories into the installation.


The media I usually use are animation, video art, photography and installation work. The choice of media or any combination of several ones grows out of the research; the medium has to correspond to and react to the archive material. Transforming that material both digitally and manually in the creative process exposes a gap between conventional history and the narratives missing from it, allowing me to inspect the notion of historical truths.

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