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Despite It All

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Internet project 2017

This interactive project contains text, video clips, photographs and gifs, depicting a personal story of immigration. 

The project is named after the Af Al Pi Chen immigrant ship, which brought Jewish refugees to Mandatory Palestine in 1947 but was captured by British forces.

Its story represents a turning point in the family history, as also reflected in the national Zionist narrative

These fragments of a personal story expose greater, fraught social and political power relations, and are designed to give the viewer a sense of being immersed, or even stuck, in the narrative presented.

טלפון גיף.gif

"Yehoshua Pfefferberg was a stranger to thermodynamic equilibrium. That night, taken by them only for his existence, he melted into liquid. Later, the telephone at the jute fabric factory remained unanswered. Melting point, as is well known, depends on pressure. But some would say it's all about genetics"

סבא חסר.jpg
גיף חומה.gif
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