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Installation 2020

In collaboration with Faina Feigin

Sound amit fishbein

Words in participation with chen amram

How does a queer perspective, stemming from nonuniformity and questioning coventions, influence our view of local history?


Using archive material and borrowing from its aesthetic, this installation follows and breaks into fragments the story of the British Mandate-era relationship between Tel Aviv architect Issac Rapoport and Jaffa businessman Abu Hassan.

Throughout history, wells have served as a social and cultural meeting point. The well that nowadays lies under the passage on 94 Allenby Street had been used as a water source, but for an unknown reason doesn’t appear in Rapoport’s blueprint of the building. Confounding the historical fiction with archive research and the personal story with the national one allows for a queer perspective on the history of architecture, borders and water.

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